Wet 'n' Wild FAQs


Below we’ve responded to some of the most commonly asked questions about your day

out and visit here.

We may have missed a few!

If we have and more questions please get in touch with us directly and we’ll endeavour to help,

our contact details are at the bottom.


1. What days are you going to be open?

From Saturday, April 6th, we’ll be open every Saturday and Sunday until September 1st,

and every day during school holidays* and bank holidays from 10am to 5pm.

We’ll keep everyone informed when school holidays start and finish, so you can always plan



*Please check website for exact opening dates



2. Why is there no Friday Wave Rave?

With numbers for Wave Rave in 2018 being consistently low, we have made the decision to

stop opening on Fridays (except in the school holidays). We are looking at running a monthly

themed Wave Rave event and will be providing more details of this over the coming months.



3. What’s new around the place?

Some of the staff are new, but as for the building, it’s just been given a deep clean, with

essential maintenance operations carried out in time for opening.


4. How much are your lockers?

There is a £2.00 charge for each locker. Pay for your locker token(s) at Reception, then retain

your token as it can be exchanged for a £1.00 coin at the token machine in Reception as you




5. What have we done to prepare for re-opening?

For our big re-opening date; Saturday 6th April 2019 - we’ve had over 30 people cleaning the

centre. We’ve used specialist machines like floor cleaners and pool vacs, and we’ve carried out

all essential maintenance to ensure we’re ready when you are to start this season of Wet ‘n’



6. What about cleaning in general?

Cleaning is an issue at any swimming centre, and at Wet n Wild our popularity at busy times

(up to 750 people on site) means we are constantly playing catch up to ensure the place is as

clean as we can possibly make it.


Most people understand how difficult it is to keep an area this size clean with, this many people

moving around the place, but we do ask for your understanding on this issue. Key areas of the

building like the changing rooms will have a dedicated cleaner in them, but at very busy times,

it is almost impossible to clean around customers in the space the changing rooms allow.


Our cleaning team work in sometimes difficult circumstances, but at all times, please be

assured that if you see any area that looks unclean, they will be soon be there to make it right



Please support our guys when you see them around the building, by using all bins provided

and disposing of litter appropriately.


We appreciate your patience and understanding on this issue.

More about our cleaning schedule:

  • At the end of each day, our team of 5 cleaners and every lifeguard (18 people) gives the place a thorough, deep clean so it’s ready for visitors the next day.
  • Throughout the day, changing areas, toilets and café areas are our priority.
  • We clean the tower, entrance and exit areas regularly.
  • All walk ways are washed down.



7. Why are you rolling back the prices?

We listened to customer feedback and felt the right thing to do was rollback prices; from £6.95

to now just £4.95 (under 120 centimetres) and from £11.95 to now just £9.95 (taller than 120




8. What about food, have you changed the menu?

Food to Get Your Taste Buds Tingling: We have a new and exciting menu which includes our

freshly made sandwiches, baguettes, wraps and rolls. Don’t worry – your classics and

favourites, including burgers, nuggets and chips, freshly baked sausage rolls and pastries are

still firmly on the menu



9. Are you still offering swimming lessons, or Parent and Toddler sessions?

Sadly, due to lack of demand we have withdrawn all of these sessions. We’ll be focussing on

the stuff we do well, flumes, waves, slides and rides.



10. Can we book as a group?

Yes, we welcome group bookings, plus you’ll save 10% on the ticket price.


11. Are all your lifeguards fully trained?

Our lifeguards are fully qualified National Pool Lifeguard holders who receive on-going training

to the standard specified by The Institute of Qualified Lifeguards, and who have to pass as

competent every month before they can work on the pool.


12. Why is it cold on the stairs?

Due to the way the building was designed we're unable to heat this area. We try to keep the

people moving on the slides as fast as we can, to try to avoid people standing around as much

as we can.


13. Are you planning to close every winter?

We’ve introduced the new opening times/dates for this year. We will make a decision on what

happens next towards the end of the season (Sept 1st) and will ensure customers are kept

informed of our plans. See the current Wet 'n' Wild opening times


14. How can I hear about offers at Wet ‘n’ Wild?

To keep up to date with what’s happening around here, just join our mailing list:



15. How do I contact the centre?

Any questions, just fill in the form on this page, and one of the team will get back to you,

contact Wet ‘n’ Wild UK


16. Sounds great! How do I book?

Book now! Book your Wet ‘n’ Wild UK tickets online now